Plano, TX – June 3, 2014 – Bridgevue Energy Services LLC, (“Bridgevue”) an energy management consulting firm, has officially announced the launch of a new company. The founders of the company, Michael Cozzi and Gary Shapiro both have extensive industry knowledge, expertise, and have been involved in the energy business for many years. Michael has worked with several large retail electric providers and most recently was the head of Demand Response for Direct Energy. Prior to his time at Direct Energy, Michael was Managing Director for Cirro Energy Services for eight years. Gary was Executive Vice President and one of the Co-Founders of Cirro Energy in 2001. Subsequent to his departure in 2010, Gary has been involved in the energy consulting and brokerage business.

Bridgevue will focus its efforts on medium and large energy users that can benefit from the different solutions they provide such as demand response, energy procurement, and renewable energy consulting. The following types of businesses would benefit from Bridgevue’s services include data centers, cold storage facilities, commercial office buildings, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and universities, large manufacturing companies, and oil & gas pipeline and production companies.

“We are different than most energy broker or consultants through our focus, knowledge, and application of demand response services and renewable energy in conjunction with leveraging the supply side of the energy equation,” states Michael Cozzi, Managing Principal and Co-Founder.

“Large enterprises are looking for more than just a firm that can help them procure electricity and natural gas, they are looking for an overall energy strategy. Bridgevue can provide energy cost savings, risk management, innovation and sustainability solutions,” said Gary Shapiro, Managing Principal and Co-Founder.

About Bridgevue Energy Services, LLC

Bridgevue Energy Services, LLC, headquartered in Plano, TX, is an energy management consulting firm focused on providing value to businesses through cost savings, revenue generation, risk management, innovation, and sustainability solutions.

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