Energy Management

We help businesses find the best value in securing energy services from the market place with a proven formula of success

energy-managementWe assist businesses with cost effective energy sourcing solutions based on the client’s risk appetite, budget requirements and timing. With our unbiased approach we help businesses take advantage of the competing energy markets, having developed the knowledge and expertise necessary to obtain your company the highest possible savings. We also provide value-added services such as utility rate analysis to ensure that our client’s are getting the best value.

  • Energy Usage Analysis: We obtain your historical energy usage and conduct analysis to determine potential cost savings opportunities.
  • Energy Procurement: Bridgevue conducts competitive sourcing of highly qualified retail electric, wholesale electric, and natural gas service providers that best meets our clients needs factoring in budget, risk tolerance, timing, consumption patterns, and credit. We can either conduct a traditional RFP approach to select the best supplier of electric or natural gas.
  • Utility Rate Analysis: Whether our client is in a deregulated or regulated region of the market, at our client’s request, Bridgevue can conduct utility rate analysis to determine if you should be on a different tariff rate, whether you are being charged correctly or not, and cost savings opportunities.
  • Risk Management: Making a decision on which commodity energy provider is the best is not only driven by the lowest price, one must also factor in risk exposure. Bridgevue assists our clients with understanding the risk exposure to various commodity energy products whether they be fixed, floating, index, hybrid, or derivatives.