Demand Response

Our demand response services help businesses reduce energy consumption and earn income

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Bridgevue assists businesses with identifying opportunities to convert their facilities into revenue-generating resources through participation in demand response programs.

Education/Awareness: We start by creating awareness of demand response and educating business clients on the costs and benefits of program participation.

Qualification: We assist business clients in the qualification process for enrollment in demand response programs in order to become a demand response resource.

Valuation Analysis: Bridgevue estimates your revenue potential and energy cost reduction associated with participating in demand response so that you can make the best informed decisions.

Solutions Enablement: Bridgevue can offer you cost-effective technology solutions that will enable your participation in demand response programs. Bridgevue has access to several technology firms with AutoDR technology and compliance with OpenADR2.0b protocol.

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Competitive Sourcing of Demand Response Service Providers: Bridgevue assists you with competitively selecting and contracting with demand response service providers in various markets.

Enrollment: Bridgevue helps you enroll your facilities in demand response programs and coordinate with the appropriate market participants.

Monitoring: Bridgevue can recommend service providers that can provide you with online access to monitor the performance of your facilities using AutoDR OpenDR2.0b technology solutions.

Measurement and Verification: Bridgevue provides clients with measurement and verification of demand response events.  In addition, Bridgevue can recommend service providers that can provide you with automated measurement and verification reports of your load performance during demand response events using OpenADR2.0b technology solutions.

Settlement and Payment: Bridgevue analyzes and validates your settlement data so that you can receive correct revenue payments or cost savings.

DR Program Matrix (ERCOT): In the ERCOT region there are several demand response programs available for business clients to choose from. The demand response programs are shown below in the demand response program matrix.

Data Centers: We have advised a number of data center clients regarding participation in demand response programs. We have developed a strong understanding and appreciation for the critical needs and objectives of data centers.Applications – Bridgevue has assisted a number of different types of businesses with participation in demand response in various markets. Below are some good applications for demand response:

Click here to learn more about the benefits that demand response programs provide to data centers BV Data Center Brochure_Final_Print

Hospitals/Medical Centers: Demand response has been successfully implemented at a number of hospitals in Texas and other states with success. Bridgevue leverages technology from various partners that enables hospitals effective participation in demand response programs. Contact us to learn more about the benefits that demand response programs can provide to hospitals.

Schools/Universities: We have a number of educational clients including K-12 schools, universities, and colleges that can participate in some of the demand response programs successfully.  Contact us for more information.

Manufacturing: Several demand response programs can be suitable for manufacturers that have the ability to reduce load, shift production, or have back-up generation.  Contact us about your operations and we can educate you on demand response opportunities and value available.

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