Demand Response Solutions for Data Centers

Our demand response services help data centers reduce electric demand and earn income

Server room in datacenterBridgevue’s energy consultants have a deep understanding of the unique operational needs of data centers and know how to create a successful energy management strategy. Bridgevue offers several solutions to data center clients including power purchasing, power management software, demand response services, renewable energy consulting and price response services.The main thing that differentiates us from other energy management consulting firms is our holistic approach. Most consulting firms primarily offer data center clients electricity procurement services, whereas Bridgevue focuses on a total energy and demand solution. For example, Bridgevue has introduced the notion of demand response to a number of data center clients, enabling the data center to enjoy the significant benefits of demand response.


Data centers participating in demand response programs can enhance power reliability and uptime through advanced notification of instability on the power grid.

Let’s face it, wouldn’t a data center rather be on their own back-up generation system instead of utility power when the grid is unstable or experiencing rolling outages?  In addition, demand response and price response can significantly reduce data centers’ overall energy spending. One of the best hidden secrets about some of the demand response programs is that data center participants are paid whether or not a demand response deployment is called during the year – think of it as an insurance policy in which the data center is paid an insurance premium.

Demand Response has many benefits, both financial and non- financial. But even the advantages that aren’t fiscally obvious provide meaningful benefits for Data Center operators.

Benefits of Demand Response

Non-Financial Benefits

  • Advance Warnings of Rolling Blackouts
  • Live test of Emergency Generators
  • Reduce Grid Load during Peak Demand
  • Turn Over of Stored Diesel Fuel
  • LEED Certification Points
  • Environmental
  • Societal

Financial Benefits

  • Significant Revenue from Grid Operator
  • Revenue from Multiple Programs
  • No Capex Required
  • Reduce Commodity Electric Costs
  • Reduce Regulated Transmission Costs

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